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This one’s just for fun, we talk about entertaining, educating and inspiring alot so it’s about time we put a bit more of the first out on LinkedIn! The last ten years had shown us some epic animations, both in corporate and on the big screen, in this post I wanted to go through ten animations you may have missed in the last decade! So when it comes to that next Netflix night in, maybe one of these will make its way onto your TV!

The reasons you may have missed these could be one of a million; due to lack of marketing, being overshadowed by another big animation released at the same time, international release or you simply lived under a rock. Who knows!

Without further ado and in no particular order…

1.  Song of the Sea (Trailer)

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Song of the Sea is an Irish award-winning film which is easily one of the most underrated films of the past decade. Tomm Moore (director of the secret of Kells) once again finds inspiration in Celtic mythology, hand-drawn illustrations beautifully conveying the narrative, overflowing with family friendly riches.  

2.  The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (TRAILER)

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 This 2013 Japanese animated fantasy film directed by Isao Takahata, the co-founder of studio Ghibli, is based on the Japanese folklore “The tale of the bamboo cutter. The delicate touch depicted beautifully with the use of water colours taking you back in time to the Heian era. For those that don’t know Studio Ghibli think Japanese Disney.

3.  Spider- Man into the Spider-verse 2018 (TRAILER)

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The 2018 film introduces us to the Brooklyn Teen Miles Morales and to a multiverse, where more than one can wear the mask. The animation is filled with energy and action while beautifully and delicately capturing the everyday ordinary life and turmoil that the teen Miles goes through. Quite a few people miss this as it was created by Sony, not Disney, so it isn’t part of the big Avengers lineup of films.

In addition, the music used in this cartoon is just incredible and fit’s the themes perfectly. 

4. COCO 2017 (TRAILER)

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Okay…. You probably didn’t miss this one, but I did. Don’t even ask me how, my partner asked if I’d seen it yet, when i responded with I’d never even heard of it the look on her face said I’d missed something great.

The 2017 film CoCo is a gorgeously animated Oscar winning piece created by Pixar. The abundance of colours and the phenomenal music utilised in the film capture the rich Mexican culture with the colourful decorations and makeup used in the celebration Day of the Dead. This film will definitely pull on your heart strings, it sure did mine, reminding us of the importance of family.

 5. Mirai 2018 (TRAILER)

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From an acclaimed director Mamoru Honda and Chizu studio comes the Japanese fantasy animation Mirai. Honda drew inspiration from his own family, creating the characters Mirai and Kun in the image of his own two children. It has a thought provoking and nostalgic feel especially for those who have siblings.

6. Wolf children 2012 (TRAILER)

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This gloriously emotional animation directed by Mamoru Honda is romantic, yet it highlights the serious themes of loss, single parenting, and making difficult life choices. The gorgeous animation draws you into the Japanese countryside while the characters take you on a heart wrenching journey.  

 7. Boy and the world 2013 (TRAILER)

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Don’t be deceived by the abstract style animation directed by Brazilian animator Alê Abreu. This animation tells a story of a young boy who is carefree and enjoying life with his family at the farm, but the family is struggling and must move to the big city to make ends meet. This illustratively simple animation perfectly captures the innocence of the boy while clearly emphasising the larger social issues. 

8.  The Breadwinner 2017 (TRAILER)

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Nora Twomey (co-directed the secret of kells) uses animation to give life to the best-selling novel written by Deborah Ellis. It tells the story of a family living in politically unstable Kabul, Afghanistan where the Taliban enforce and impose their tyrannical rule. The bold and crisp animation vividly showing the oppression and fear as well as the strange freedom that the character experiences.

 9. Earnest & Celestine 2012 (TRAILER)

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Delicately hand-drawn animation directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar and Benjamin Renner tells the story of unlikely friendship between a mouse and a bear adapting the Belgian children’s book written by Gabrielle Vincent.

10. Kubo and the two strings 2016 (TRAILER)

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Kubo and the Two Strings is an imaginative, adventurous and dark humour filled animation. This beautiful animation tells us the journey of a young boy learning about how the world can be a cruel place. The stop motion animation studio Laika (animation directed by Travis Knight) marvellously illustrated the human struggle and what growing up can mean.

So that’s the ten we’ve picked! Let us know your opinion if you’ve seen any of the above, or if there are any you think that should have made the list!